As a salesperson, you may sometimes want to offer your customers other products with the intention of turning more sales. So how do you go about it correctly? In this article, we give you concrete information that will enable you to succeed with your upselling almost every time.

Primitives of upselling

This is a professional way used by businesses, industries and others, to get a customer to make an additional purchase than they intended. In fact, a customer may pay for a smartphone, and the salesperson uses techniques to get them to pay for the extra case. To ensure your sale, you must prepare your ground in advance, with good sales techniques, i.e. as soon as your customer asks, you must already be thinking about the accessories that are essential to the use of the main product or that are complementary to it. To identify these correctly, you need to ask yourself the right questions. You need to find out what other products will complement or are required to use the main product. Addressing your customer’s concerns will also help you get the right lead. 

Tips for upselling

The first thing to do is to pay attention to your customer. This is a very serious technique that many brands or companies ignore. With this technique, you will be able to detect your customer’s needs easily, so your upselling will be easy. Next, propose packaged offers. These are products grouped together in one, which have a lower price than their retail price and the sum of their value. Offer them discounts when they agree to pay for your additional products, while explaining the price they would have to pay for them if they were in a normal buying situation. Tell them that they would save money if they paid on the spot, as they would have saved a lot. Apart from that, memorise good, attractive phrases that are essential in your sector. Tell them about the other services and benefits your company can provide.