It is not easy to control oneself in certain situations when one is not expecting it. Anger is a violent reaction that can push someone to commit a fatal act that could have been avoided if they had calmed down. So to find a way to hold back your anger, especially when you are in a community, here are some tips.

Consider before you act

When you are hurt emotionally or physically by someone, the first thing to do is to think. It is not a matter of automatically responding to the individual to let them know you are there. You need to be patient in any situation. Secondly, analyse the act before making a decision. By going through these methods, your mind would already be in itself. Because anger makes you misjudge your neighbours at times. Especially in public, it is advisable to take time to think before you act. This is a way to calm your anger.

Putting a distance between yourself and your anger

To avoid getting angry in public, it is important to distinguish between emotion and reaction. You need to separate the two to avoid getting into trouble. The time you take to put some distance between your anger and yourself is enough to reduce the tension that was inside you. It also allows you not to overreact and become delusional. It is not a question of letting your anger break up certain relationships. You can do this if you still want to be a loyal, calm and gentle man.

Examine the reasoning behind your reflex


By taking the time to deeply analyse your reaction, you will realise what got into you. You will know whether it was a temporary frustration or a deep feeling. Take time to catch your breath and come back to yourself. Anger management also involves self-blame. A violent reaction to an action is a sign of anger. You need to recognise that you are wrong to do this in order to stop being angry. There are many ways to do without anger in order to live in harmony with everyone else. Everyone tries to adapt to what helps them to control themselves quickly.